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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pros and cons of wearing a face mask - the secret is out!


Wearing a face mask is the first priority in helping to stop the uncontrollable dispersion of the covid- 19 virus.  Wearing a mask is not that simple and straight forward. There are some pros and some cons attached to it; some serious, and some laughable.  Below are some of the pros and cons of wearing a face mask, according to my observation and experience.


Prevents covid-19 virus  loitering in the air from entering the body through nose and mouth.

Covers up any scars, warts and other skin marks on bottom half of face. One's feeling of shamefulness is thus avoided! 

Covers up the face without your macho moustache that was newly shaved off. And, thus, avoid being asked about it by your friends wherever you go!

Prevents your bad breath from reaching the other person when you are talking. Phew!

People cannot see all the red spots and bumps on your face during the occurrence of measles. Get well soon!


People cannot see your beautiful or macho face! What a waste of makeup or moustache styling!

Some lipstick always sticks on the mask. Also some black Artline ink, used as temporary dye on moustache (unfortunately, applies to me! ), sticks on the mask!  Another mask please!

Your specs always get blurred up by the vapour from the nose, as it is blocked by the mask from spreading out. Hold on a minute. Let me wipe clean my specs first!

Robbers are indistinguishable when they wear the face masks and dark glasses. One could be near you! Get help ready!

Some do feel uneasy and get the feeling of shortness in breath if worn the mask for long periods. Remove the mask, turn your face away from people near you, take a deep breath, and put the mask on. Don't forget to turn back to face the people near you!

Can you think of or have experienced any other advantage or disadvantages? Please feel free to add in!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine first in the race!


In these times of Covid- 19 virus explosion and the devastating, unending deaths, some countries have started injecting vaccines onto their citizens, the earliest nations being UK and US. The American/German Company, Pfizer- BioNTech’s vaccine seemed to have received or earned their trust for now. Even though, in some way, the actions of these nations seem to have been done in desperation, to me this is the correct step and action, in view of the persistent and sorrowful departure of human lives. Yes, all the nations should not dilly-dally anymore. They should try to stop the deaths.

Anyway, to our deep felt solace and relief, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is being used only after some positive test results and outcome which is said to include high efficient rate. The next company to be deeply involved in supplying a vaccine seems to the American company Moderna, with its mRNA vaccine. At the moment some other companies are also strongly contending to prevent this scourge of a disease from further spreading and causing deaths.  And, most importantly, these companies also yearn for the fame and the huge financial rewards that come with it! Big pots of gold! Among the front runners are Oxford-AstraZeneca (British-Swedish), Novavax (American-Swedish), Johnson & Johnson (American), Sinovac Biotech (Chinese), Gamaleya’s Sputnik V (Russian), CanSino Biologics (Chinese) and Sinopharm (Chinese). You can be sure many other nations and companies will throw forward their vaccines later!

Speaking of pots of gold, several other companies, of different sort, have already made and are making, and will continue to make them, the pots of gold! Yes, you guessed right; the companies producing the ppe products (especially, the producers of gloves and face masks should be laughing all the way to the bank, though it was not their own doing), swabs, hand sanitizers, body temperature scanners, red tapes (I mean the out-of-bound tapes!), record books pens, desks, injection needles and other medical equipments, etc, etc.

One can’t be surprised if, inwardly, these companies, unwillingly and, perhaps, unwittingly thank the Covid- 19 virus for their great fortune! Remember, after everything said and done, this is still a materialistic world! 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Relaxation time - away from it all

What did one river said to another? “Long time no sea!” 
A mountain to another, “High there!” 
A piece of cloth to another, “See you sewn!” 
A wall poster to another, “Let’s stick around.” 
A buffalo to another, “Meat you someday.” 
A wall to another, “Meet you at the corner.”  
What is common between: 
1. Dogs and trees  - they produce barks 
2. A gardener and swordsman  - they fence well. 
3. Shoes and men  - they have souls (soles). 
4. A car and a deer - they have horns 5. A lawyer and footman - they bring up your case. 
6. An author and a liar - they make stories. 
7. Fish and balance - they have scales. 
8. A typist and postman - they handle letters. 
9. Children and lamps - they brighten up your life. 
10. Knife and words - they can hurt. 
11. Batteries and kings - they have power. 
12. Judges and teachers - they give sentences. 
13. Nervous system and cars - when they break down you are in trouble. 
14. A ship and a football team - they have captains. 
15. A painter and thief - you can catch them red-handed.  
Their languages 
Optician: Now, look here… 
Undertaker: Good grief…. 
Oil digger: Well, well… 
Teacher: You know something… 
Cobbler: My foot! 
Publisher: So long… 
Weather forecaster: Good morning… 
Ear specialist: Did you hear about… 
Tailor: Try this for size! 
Timekeeper: Just a minute… 
Their jobs 
Chauffeur: drives you mad. 
Barber: trims your pride. 
Cook: boils with rage. 
Housekeeper: sweeps you off your feet. 
Fisherman: up to something fishy. 
Teacher: will teach you a lesson. 
Butler: puts you in your place. 
Milkman: milks away your money. 
Footballer: goes for kicks 
Well digger: has a boring job.

Okay then. Hope your mind is lightened. Your soul, enlightened! Or vice versa! Have a good day!

What says your star today!

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